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The R3 Difference

We’re not just different from the typical big collection agency model, we’re better. We became better by listening to our clients. Continually.

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In contrast to many large collection firms that prioritize profit maximization through technology like automated power phone dialers, AI chatbots, and mass text messaging, R3 Dynamics takes a different approach. We recognize the cultural nuances of rural America, where sophisticated tools may not be universally embraced and can even be met with suspicion.

Our investments in technology are purposefully tailored to support our staff rather than replace them. Especially in many of the agricultural communities we serve, personal connections matter more than flashy apps. While R3 offers secure alternative communication methods such as email and texting, we use these tools to augment our concierge-level service to your patients, not replace it for the sake of profit.

Because of our niche focus on rural/community/critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics and small to mid-size physician and specialty groups, we are not a one-size-fits-all company. But while we may not be a fit for every provider, we have been extremely fortunate to have mutually beneficial relationships with a great number of providers who want to increase cash collections while still maintaining an incredibly high level of patient service.

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