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Our mission at R3 Dynamics revolves around the simple yet profound declaration: 'We Help.' This foundational principle permeates every aspect of our organization, shaping our culture and driving our development.


Embracing a servant leadership mentality, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to assist not only our employees but also our clients and their patients. This commitment fosters an environment where every member of the R3 family is empowered to explore new avenues and pioneer solutions that enhance client outcomes and elevate patient experiences.


At R3 Dynamics, 'We Help' isn't just a statement; it's a guiding philosophy that inspires us to continually strive for excellence and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

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To be a leader in providing nuanced, sustainable a/r and bad debt collection solutions to rural/community/critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics and small to mid-size physician groups exclusively.

When serviced by larger collection agencies, these smaller facility accounts are frequently pooled together with similar accounts in massive dialing campaigns which rely on historical averages to repeat. Only accounts with significantly large balances are “touched” or worked by an actual person. 


This tactic lacks the individual patient attention necessary to retain market share in today’s competitive healthcare environment where patient satisfaction is crucial. 


At R3 Dynamics, we work every account placed, regardless of balance, with a unique and specific type of communication tailored to the communities we serve, ingrained in our training and collection methodology. Advanced technology tools are used to help our staff, not replace them. 


R3 Values
Respect, Responsibility, Resolution in action
Faith in God reflected in all we do
Wise stewardship of resources
work/life balance for all R3 associates
Honesty, integrity, character
Industry education, involvement and support
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